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Join Tony Gilmore for Elevate, a 90-day LIVE discipleship program designed to elevate your faith, accelerate your spiritual growth, and equip you to unleash your God-given purpose.

These Powerful Transformations Await You!"


Increased Confidence

Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to a newfound confidence in your abilities and potential.


Spiritual Growth

Deepen your spiritual connection and experience a sense of purpose and peace like never before.


Clarity of Purpose

Discover a clear path forward as you align your actions with your true values and goals.


Emotional Stability

Manage stress and negative emotions better, enjoying a more balanced and stable emotional state.


Overcome Strongholds

Unlock the door to a brighter future by overcoming defeated mindsets and spiritual strongholds.

Who Is This Program For?

People struggling with...

1. A Lack of Purpose: Many people struggle with a lack of purpose, feeling unsure of their direction in life and what they are meant to achieve.

2. Strongholds from the Past: Strongholds from the past can hinder our progress, as unresolved issues and traumas continue to affect our present actions and decisions.

3. Lack of Clarity: A lack of clarity can lead to confusion and indecision, making it difficult to move forward with confidence.

4. A Lack of Connection with God: A lack of connection with God can leave individuals feeling spiritually adrift and disconnected from their faith.

5. Unforgiveness: Unforgiveness can create a heavy burden on the heart, preventing emotional healing and growth.
6. Feelings of Hopelessness: Feelings of hopelessness can overwhelm us, making it hard to see a positive future or to find motivation.

7. Emotional Instability: Emotional instability can cause unpredictable reactions and affect our relationships and well-being.

8. Negative Self-Talk: Negative self-talk can undermine our self-esteem and confidence, keeping us from reaching our full potential.

9. Spiritual Stagnation: Spiritual stagnation can result in a sense of unfulfillment, as we feel stuck and unable to progress in our spiritual journey.

What You Get...

  • Experience powerful thought-provoking masterclass sessions crafted by a Bible teacher with over 25 years of experience. Each lesson includes a Q&A session, reflections, and life applications for deeper impact. 

  • You’ll have the opportunity to join me, Tony Gilmore, for 60-minute LIVE face-to-face Zoom calls twice a month, during which you’ll join others on this exciting discipleship journey.

  • A cohort of amazing and motivated people who want to join you on the journey and help you experience the freedom God has for you.

  • Gain access to our exclusive Facebook Group, where you can build meaningful connections with like-minded Christians who love God and are eager to grow in their faith.

  • Transformative results that will help you create the life God has planned for you.

  • Enjoy a complimentary one-hour personalized coaching session to delve deeper into your transformational journey. 


Ready to Invest in Yourself and Your Relationship with God?

Join ELEVATE today!

Unlock the power within you to thrive spiritually, discover your purpose, and lead a fulfilling life.


(Regularly $497. Discounted to $297.)

(Space is Limited)

3 payments of $99

Meet Your Coach 

My name is Tony Gilmore. With over 25 years of full-time ministry experience, I have dedicated my life to spreading the message of the Kingdom around the world. Through seminars, speaking engagements, teaching videos, and conference speaking, my down-to-earth yet passionate preaching style resonates deeply with audiences. I place a particular emphasis on helping individuals walk in their God-given purpose, empowering them through the message of the Kingdom.

My leadership journey includes seven years as the lead pastor of Joyce Meyer Ministries at the St. Louis Dream Center, along with seven years on the Executive Management team. My ministry has taken me across the globe, ministering in Uganda, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and throughout the United States. As a sought-after speaker, I have a unique ability to develop leaders and have conducted several leadership seminars, including a notable conference in 2017 where I taught over 400 pastors in the Dominican Republic.

I firmly believe in the unlimited potential of every individual and am committed to empowering people with principles that bring the Kingdom lifestyle to life. Through the Word of God, I inspire others to overcome their past and embrace the abundant future that God has for them. My coaching goes beyond traditional ministry, offering practical and spiritual guidance to help clients unlock their full potential and live purposeful, impactful lives. Join me on this transformative journey and discover the power within to soar to new heights.


Dr. Warren Morgan, CEO Cleveland Metro Schools

Cleveland, OH 

"Pastor Tony Gilmore is a phenomenal leader, advisor, and preacher. Not only does he deliver a strong sermon grounded in sound biblical principles when he preaches, but he is an incredible life coach with results for developing leaders. He is a man of integrity and great character. 

Geoff Dudley, Associate Pastor New Life Church O'Fallon, IL

Pastor Tony Gilmore is a great example of character, exemplary mentorship, and effective coaching. His down-to-earth personality makes him easy to talk to. I have tons of notes from our conversations that have truly resonated with me. I strongly recommend engaging with him!

Antwain Jackson

Lead Pastor, City Hope International Church 

San Diego, CA 

Pastor Tony Gilmore (PT) is one of the most pragmatic spiritual communicators of our time. His depth, lense, & practicality is what the world needs right now. He just gets it. He teaches at a level that matures believers into biblical literacy, while with his strong coaching acumen can motivate people to lean into their potential. You landed on the right person! 

Ready to Invest in Yourself and Your Relationship with God?

Join ELEVATE today!

Unlock the power within you to thrive spiritually, discover your purpose, and lead a fulfilling life. 

(Regularly $497. Discounted to $297.)

(Space is Limited) 

3 payments of $99

I am Ready to Elevate my Faith and Unleash my Purpose 

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